My raison d’être is the reason..

(This comes on the heels of the last poem- how a physician moves forward with hope in the midst of despair)

There were a thousand reasons to leave

Myriad annoyances that made me want to cleave

Myself from the profession that had become

My second skin, my identity, the overall sum

Of my strengths and weaknesses, an integral part

Of my capability, my intellect, my mind, my heart..

Except that it was exacting a price rising higher each day

Placing more roadblocks along the way

Distracting me from the essence of what was essential

Leading me towards a crisis existential

When did medicine become an obstacle race

Futile were all the hurdles I had to face

To take care of patients appropriately

The meaningless challenges made me want to flee

I reasoned that other paths I would be able to find

That would not as completely consume my mind…


But the grip of medicine was stronger than I thought

It is a calling, merely a vocation it is not

When the meaningless time sinks were shaved away

I realized the real essence of my work was there to stay

No one could take that away from me

That realization finally gave me clarity

The patient-physician relationship that was at the core

Of my profession was enough, I needed nothing more

The thousands of reasons for me to go away

Paled before that most important reason to stay…


I’ve faced challenges to be where I am now

To be broken by the system, myself I wouldn’t allow

Through all the challenges I shall forge a path ahead

I’ll ignore the distractions, focus on the crux instead


Discarding the thousand justifications to leave

I’ll stay because in the power of my profession I believe

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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