Let me be too much!

Oh yes I will admit I’ve always been too much

Throughout my life I’ve been told by everyone as such

Too loud, too opinionated, flamboyant as well

I make people uncomfortable, I can tell

Almost always to myself attention I draw

Not in a complimentary way, but perceived as a flaw

I must tone it down, often I’ve been told

I come across as too aggressive and bold

A nurturing vibe women are expected to project

If she is too assertive, most people object..

I cannot infuse my tone with artificial sweetness

That is just not me, my true nature I cannot suppress

I end up being criticized and corrected equally

By both women and men, based on norms of society…


I am not a rebel, and long have I tried

To “tone myself down” so others would be satisfied

But then I have to be conscious of my behavior constantly

I cannot say or do anything spontaneously

Confining my exuberance inside closed walls

Is constricting; does not let me thrive at all


I remind myself I am an adult and own

My strengths and weaknesses, they are mine alone

As long as my behavior does not hurt anyone

How unladylike I am should affect none

So I’ll throw away that layer covering me

That has muted the ebullience I want everyone to see

I’ll talk and laugh loudly, break into dance, and sing

And ignore the disapproving looks this would bring

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

2 thoughts on “Let me be too much!

  1. For me it was always the opposite. “You need to come out of your shell.” I thought I would scream if I heard that comment one more time. People are so quick to pass on their assessments of what we should be.

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