I’m your doctor running short on time….

To give more attention to you

To share a joke, life events too

To spend more than fifteen minutes

To not make a premature exit

From your exam room, is what I’d like to do

But I have limitations of time too

If you needed more time to provide care

I would definitely give you a greater share

Of the time that I have, but again

Small talk would be difficult to maintain..

The small talk that lends the crucial human touch

To patient-physician interaction is what I crave much

That makes you distinguishable from your disease

That makes you relaxed and more at ease

During your appointment, more engaged you can be

That translates into better compliance eventually…


I could not give you enough time at your visit; but I’d like to call

And go over your test results, though I often fall

Short on the time required to do so personally

I have to delegate a staff member to call you for me

Although through the patient portal you have already seen

Your test results, I wish I could tell you what they mean

In non-medical terms, provide reassurance and a plan

Again time constrains are such that I rarely can


Since time is limited and I have to prioritize

I have unfortunately come to realize

That I devote more time when things are not going well

Your condition needs more attention, or I have to tell

You about the poor prognosis of your illness

I selectively bring doom and gloom, I confess

If things are well and test results favorable

I rely on shortcuts to convey that you are stable

I wish I could spend equal amount of time to communicate

The good and the bad as it relates to your disease state..

(Image source: http://www.glasbergen.com)

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

One thought on “I’m your doctor running short on time….

  1. The dreaded patient portal. I know it’s great to be able to read your reports but, as you say, it is one more thing to take time away from the doctor/patient relationship.


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