It’s trending…

Celebrity-endorsed styles, instagram trends posted by influencers abound

Everyone seems to be following the same fashions around

I am tempted to get on the bandwagon too

Being conversant with latest trends is the smart thing to do

I can relate with my children, have something to talk about

In social gatherings where small talk one cannot do without

Following all the trends would make me appear

More contemporary in the social sphere

So I try new styles in fashion, food and home decor

When I feel I’m catching up, there is something more

That has caught the fancy of influencers everywhere

It’s all over the internet- I cannot stay unaware


It is definitely nice to indulge in fashions new

It helps me break stereotypes in my mind too

But then I notice that all around me

Stuff influenced by social media I see

What I have bought is not different

From those around me who are also on-trend

I look at all the fashionable stuff I have bought

And realize that my sensibilities it does not

Portray, while aesthetically pleasing it may be

My inner values reflected in my things I don’t see


I am back on the subject of authenticity

Through my words I try to reflect the true me

But in lifestyle choices I have inadvertently

Become a slave to things considered trendy

I have decided to reverse this with conscious intent

Let my food, clothing, decor the authentic me represent

It doesn’t have to be stylish or unique or make a statement

It may incorporate latest trends to some extent

But the upside of living a lifestyle that’s authentic

Is that the trends that you like you can pick

And incorporate in your life as you please

Authenticity is a lifestyle that can be practiced with ease…

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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