Trying to have it all…

I have worked hard, received a stellar education

I am enthusiastic about my vocation

I am ambitious, I want to take

My career to greater heights, I want to make

The best of my education and training, I do

My determination and hard work should carry me through..


But wait, mid-thirties I have reached now

I want to start a family, but the contemplation of how

I accomplish this while keeping my career growth in view

Gives me serious stress, straining me in multiple ways too..

After help from science and prayers I finally conceive

I would work through pregnancy, take a short break, I believe

And be back at my workplace, in my previous capacity

Little do I know what destiny has planned for me…


After the ordeal of a difficult pregnancy and childbirth

I am forced to take a break from work, of course my family is worth

All the sacrifices at workplace I have to make

Once I go back, much effort it should not take

For me to get into the groove, do what I used to do

Turns out here I am totally off the mark too


When I try to return, my break from work is viewed as a flaw

As if by having a child I have broken a law

I find work with great difficulty, in a much lower capacity

Moving ahead in my career is a distant dream for me

Work dinners and travel are not in the cards

With a baby, though I am working twice as hard

Thus all opportunities for promotion are denied to me

I still brave snide remarks on not making work my foremost priority..


The workplace remains a place for men

As women we are tired of asking when

Between raising a family and building a career we would not

Have to choose, not have to put in that much thought

Into synchronizing biological clocks with career development

And still suffer discrimination, criticism and judgment

We are expected to work as if we have no family

Society expects us to mother and never take our careers seriously

Caught in between expectations, overworked we remain

We have to find a better solution than going through all this pain!

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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