Start with your heart..

This is a topic close to my heart and one that I do talk about as a cardiologist. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women, above all kinds of cancer and causes one in three deaths among women each year. Symptoms of heart attacks in women are different from those in men, therefore many women do not seek help in a timely manner. This poem may be too heavy to read but has a positive end.

She tells her self, it must be something I ate

Ignoring the weird feeling- there is much on my plate

That I need to accomplish, that’s why my forehead

Feels a little sweaty, maybe I’ll just go to bed

And start tomorrow, an antacid I should take

I have so much to do, early I must wake


She is tossing and turning, she cannot lie down

Why do I feel like I’m about to drown

Sitting propped up in bed, she has strange aches

It must be my anxiety, she thinks, but cannot shake

The feeling away, the night seems interminable

In no position can she get comfortable


Is something wrong with me, she wonders now

I must see my physician soon, I must find time somehow

Tomorrow my husband leaves on a trip, my child

Has a test, I have a presentation…why does my heartbeat feel wild…

Why can’t I think clearly, what is happening here..

(The last feeling she would remember is that of profound fear…)


She wakes up in the hospital, she has survived

Sudden cardiac death, been successfully revived

What she had was a massive heart attack

As is true in women, typical symptoms she did lack

She is a lucky survivor, proud owner of two stents

To pay close attention to her health is now her intent

The family for which she was trying to ignore

Her health, had been in danger of not having her anymore…


Months have passed, she is now an advocate

For women’s heart health, she is passionate

About spreading the word in the community

The numero uno cause of death in women, heart disease happens to be

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