I am not as good as you..

Those who had their sovereignty taken away Those who were told they were inferior every day Less capable, less intelligent, less human too The message leached into their bones through and through The sense of inferiority changed their DNA somehow This deep-seated conviction would not allow Generations later, their progeny born in nations free ToContinue reading “I am not as good as you..”

Woman, know your power!

On this international women’s day Let’s not wait for applause from anyone Let’s march forward, building each other along the way Let’s forget about getting recognition From the other gender, why do we need Validation from them only to perpetuate The patriarchy that should be demolished indeed Let’s be designers of our own fates.. Let’sContinue reading “Woman, know your power!”


Fatigue, brain fog, joint pains, Her muscles ached, she had migraines Modern medicine offered her remedies none To alternative treatments she had begun To gravitate, different modalities she explored Yoga, tai chi, qi gong, aromatherapy and more Acupuncture, massage, herbal supplements Meditation, biofeedback etc.- her time and money were spent Increasingly on treatments that seemedContinue reading “Panacea”