Please let me get this right…

Sometimes, despite conscious effort, your ego gets tied To proving that your viewpoint is the one that’s right And even in the face of facts that otherwise state To prove yourself right, all your efforts you concentrate Hoping against hope to get results in your favor Losing would make this a futile endeavor But yourContinue reading “Please let me get this right…”

Truly authentic?

While authenticity is seemingly a topic hot True authenticity is increasingly hard to spot * While hashtags scream “be yourself” everywhere All the content that with the world people share Is carefully constructed to display positivity Airbrushed and filtered, arranged skillfully To give everything a hopeful twist A complex narrative narrowed down to a gistContinue reading “Truly authentic?”

The misleading myth of the mad genius

Van Gogh was an artist par excellence But suffered from mental illness, hence Giving rise to the myth of a mad genius Which is a misconception dangerous And wildly misleading as well- Mental illness and creativity do not dwell Together, Van Gogh succeeded despite His illness, not because of it, he had to fight AllContinue reading “The misleading myth of the mad genius”