Lesson from the Gita

The sum total of many parts is your identity Your upbringing, your culture, your values- each entity Contributes towards making you the person you become The process is bound to be influenced some By the path of living followed by your parents Therefore when parenting its challenges presents As an imperfect human being I tryContinue reading “Lesson from the Gita”

Truth does not hide in plain sight

NaBloPoMo 2021 Do Good, Kid Truth is no longer “absolute” What you perceive as truth I can refute With an equally compelling set of arguments Two different versions of truth we can present If you try to search for the truth online You are unlikely to find it because by design “Facts” aligned with yourContinue reading “Truth does not hide in plain sight”

To children shaped by the pandemic

This is for my child and others like him, whose parents are frontline workers dealing with the stress of the pandemic every day…we have brought anxiety home through these trying times. (NaBloPoMo 2021- Do Good Child) I know the pandemic has been harsh on you Caused upheaval in your life, it’s true Besides homeschooling andContinue reading “To children shaped by the pandemic”