Adventure-seeker in quarantine

Thirsting for adventures is a natural state All of us like new experiences on our plate Time, effort and money we spend Beyond our comfort zones ourselves we extend To get that elusive thrill, that unparalleled elation That sense of accomplishment, that victorious sensation Also, since keeping up with the Joneses is a part Of […]

The Refugee in Quarantine

Stay at home and shelter in place- How do you follow this advice when you face Lack of a solid roof over your head When home is a makeshift shelter instead? ** We had already tempted fate by staying alive We had learnt to be grateful, having survived Civil war, strife, journeys with dangers fraught […]

Maternal misgivings

My precious child, in you I see The vivacious child I used to be Your ebullience and curiosity Are reminders of the younger me You have a spring in your step and hope in your eyes You are carefree- I am cautious and worldly-wise When did I stop being like you, I wonder Was growing […]


  Freedom these days is a word that incites Anger, concern, despair- it is a fundamental right And in the face of a challenge never before seen The operational word suddenly is quarantine… ** While personal liberties restricted appear I, paradoxically, feel free amid this fear As the world grapples with illness and death As […]


Never imagined a worldwide catastrophe would be the cause Behind my accelerated life stepping on brakes; taking a pause…. ** I hurtled through life in a frenzied spiral of chaos Overscheduled, overstimulated, but always at a loss To comprehend where time seemed to fly I was always left wondering why I constantly felt I was […]

A virus challenges the anthropocene

(Anthropocene: the current geological age, viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment.) We had created the anthropocene Become oblivious of threats unseen Things dangerous, we thought, could only be Products of human ingenuity We did pay quite a bit of attention To the devastating […]

Touch me not…

In this pandemic while we lose much.. I am mourning the loss of human touch ** Never thought a day would arrive When in a collective attempt to survive The most basic human need in times of distress Would become so conflicting to address… ** The first instinct when things are not right Is to […]

I am afraid..

These are trying times, and health care workers are afraid as they try to navigate their personal and professional lives in the face of shortage of personal protective equipment, especially in the United States. This is an attempt to give a voice to all the physicians on the front lines.. Many times in my life […]

Ramblings in the time of COVID scare….

Someday I’ll talk about a cataclysmic Event that changed the world, a pandemic A virus swept the world by storm Fear over its spread became the norm In terms of social media trends The “crown” it took for days on end Spread like lightning, helped by the conveniences Of modern day travel- breaking all defences […]

Privilege and Parenting

Privilege is a loaded word Often in discussions heard Just by virtue of being mentioned This word creates a division Between the haves and the have-nots Separates people into two lots… ** On self-examination, however, it is hard To know of which group you are a part Privilege is a moving target, it appears As […]

The Artist’s Voice

I started an artistic endeavor merely To scratch an itch of creativity I had no definite plans to share What was actually my heart laid bare With anyone- yet I got roped in To participate in a talent show kind of thing The unexpected appreciation it received Catapulted me into a different sphere indeed Fortunate […]

Who am I?

I had this perception of identity That it was a finite, solid entity- With a quality tangible, definite Something that would in a neat box fit.. ** So growing up I never thought Finding my identity would be fraught With ambiguity, uncertainty, confusion Was the firmness of identity but an illusion? ** I struggled with […]