I am not rude, my enemy is food!

NaBloPoMo 2021 The cultural connotations of eating together are obvious, but some people may have life threatening allergies, conditions like celiac disease or even gross intolerances to certain foods that they are unwilling to disclose to casual acquaintances. This poem echoes their sentiment (inspired by a description of life with celiac disease). It’s that anxietyContinue reading “I am not rude, my enemy is food!”

Thou shall not burn out..

NaBloPoMo 2021 A buzzword these days is burnout In professional circles often heard about You are expected to over perform every day Connected twenty-four- seven you are expected to stay Strategies to combat burnout are supposed to include Mandatory coaching sessions that intrude On your personal time, that should ideally be spent With family, doingContinue reading “Thou shall not burn out..”

Climb that Mountain

NaBloPoMo 2021 Do Good, Kid! You want a straight line, a curved one you find Despite immaculate planning, your journey is not streamlined Roadblocks at each step, hurdles along the way Smoothly you never seem to get through the day Yet every curveball dodged, every impediment overcome Is an accomplishment, more confident you become StumblingContinue reading “Climb that Mountain”

Lesson from the Gita

The sum total of many parts is your identity Your upbringing, your culture, your values- each entity Contributes towards making you the person you become The process is bound to be influenced some By the path of living followed by your parents Therefore when parenting its challenges presents As an imperfect human being I tryContinue reading “Lesson from the Gita”