Finding confidence

Teetering steps Wavering confidence Bashful apologies In self-defence Afraid of falling, Of errors unknown Myriad voices calling To drown down my own.. I feel overwhelmed My faith is slowly dying I cannot even pretend Otherwise, though I’m trying… How do I get back From this dark, black hole When confidence I lack To make myContinue reading “Finding confidence”

Life’s vagaries

Trying to comprehend Life’s vagaries Cannot pretend To solve its mysteries Unpredictable as weather Mostly inscrutable I think I would rather Leave them undecipherable Experience the moment With a mind bias-free Escape the torment Of worthless worry Soar in the air With an open mind To imaginary fears Turn an eye blind No strings attached NoContinue reading “Life’s vagaries”

Tribute to a woman

Dedicated to all the strong, beautiful, vivacious and mysterious women out there!The photograph above depicts the Pieta (The Pietà (Italian pronunciation: [pjeˈta]) is a subject in Christian art depicting the Virgin Mary cradling the dead body of Jesus, most often found in sculpture.- Wikipedia) at St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City Chain me Will happen never Restrain meContinue reading “Tribute to a woman”

Forbidden desire

Stealthily creeping Imperceptibly seeping Into the crevices of my mind Unwelcome feelings making me blind Thoughts amorous Still quite amorphous Suddenly emerged out of the blue Leaving me breathless, without a clue A chance encounter Full of idle banter How it could inspire feelings like this Euphoric  passion promising me bliss.. Fantasies forbidden Desires hiddenContinue reading “Forbidden desire”

Beginning of a revolution

Every generation needs a new revolution. -Thomas Jefferson Explosive anger Endless frustration Thinly veiled rancor Against domination Bubbling resentment Rising to the surface Anguished predicament Visible on the face Cries of protest Going up in the air All that they detest Amalgamated with despair They are ready to struggle They are willing to die In thisContinue reading “Beginning of a revolution”