Experience the world!

This poem is inspired by the following article, which explains why one should spend money on experiences, not things: http://www.fastcoexist.com/3043858/world-changing-ideas/the-science-of-why-you-should-spend-your-money-on-experiences-not-thing One day both you and I We go to the store and buy The same expensive object We both individually subject Ourselves to momentary pleasure Of possession of a treasure The novelty wears off soonContinue reading “Experience the world!”

Senseless violence

Tears of frustration Tears of helplessness As a sign of prostration Before the callousness Of those wielding power Unchecked and untamed As they choose to shower Atrocities, unashamed Protests silenced Voices suppressed Display of shocking violence Against the oppressed Why is this world So deeply divided How did hatred unfurl How was this fire ignited? There are aContinue reading “Senseless violence”

Musings on the occasion of World Poetry Day

If I could give you a window Into the space of my mind If emotions within me I could show Raw, unadorned, blind No better way is there in this universe No better form of expression Than carving words into powerful verse Exuding unbridled passion Thoughts that are uncomfortable Ideas too abstract to explain A poemContinue reading “Musings on the occasion of World Poetry Day”