Natural history of obsession

An infatuation germinated In the depths of my mind It grew in size, and instigated Me to turn an eye blind To the warnings of reason: Unchecked and untamed With each passing season It got deformed and inflamed Turned into an obsession Threatening to tear apart Bringing, in succession Joy and despair to my heart The obsession catapulted me OnContinue reading “Natural history of obsession”

My is

If only I could portray My world in its unembellished way Unadorned, unedited, bare If stark reality I could share Ungainly sobs contorting my face Shrieks of laughter quite out of place Dancing to a favorite song with abandon Cracking up at humorous memories random Maybe, if uninhibited I could thrive My world would appear much more alive IfContinue reading “My is”