The sensual flower

I am sure this title sounds pretty quirky for the first let me explain. ..

Of all the flowers I have seen, none has captured my imagination like the orchid. Orchids come in a stupendous variety, with a wide range of colors, patterns, and arrangement (while some flowers grow by themselves, others exhibit themselves in an inflorescence). However, that’s just one thing. The reason I am writing about orchids is that I find them very sensual…looking at orchids is like a pleasurable assault on my senses. No wonder different varieties of orchids hold the honor of being national flowers for several countries including Venezuela, Columbia and Singapore!

So here I am sharing a photo album of delectable orchids from a horticultural exhibit at Longwood Gardens near Philadelphia…


orchid 2orchid 5orchid 3orchid 7orchid 4    orchid 6  orchid 8 orchid 9 orchid 10 orchid1orchid 11 orchid 12

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