Growing Pains

I look at my 3 year old and wish time would freeze….

He is cute, talks non-stop and gives me the most awesome hugs and kisses..but that’s not why I wish he would not grow up further.

It’s his enthusiasm for everything, his general joie-de-vivre, that I want to capture and freeze in time. At his age, everything is amazing, and the most mundane objects turn inspiring..I wish he would never lose that sense of wonder, the joy of discovery, and the ability to immerse himself completely in the task at hand..

I hope he never grows up to be like the cynical, jaded adults we all seem to evolve in to. Most of us are always trying to think and plan ahead, and apparently lose the ability to be in the moment and to savor the present completely. Every time I see him excited about something trivial, my heart skips a beat and I try to look at things from his perspective too. Mostly I end up being unsuccessful because of years of conditioning that bring conflicting thoughts in to my mind, but once in a while, I do lose myself in the moment and enjoy……with unbridled enthusiasm..

crystal ball

I added this image of glass art from the Corning Museum of Glass because I was reminded of a crystal ball where I would love to capture these precious moments…

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