Why I love facebook

FB gets plenty of bad press…how people are living in the virtual world, how FB encourages unfair competition, how people are more concerned with their appearances on FB, how they waste their time etc….wasting time

I love facebook. I think it is the best thing since sliced bread (forgive the cliched expression)..

I post pictures on FB regularly. I wish everyone on their birthdays and anniversaries. And I keep track of my extended family on FB. 401081_2742228829876_166340199_n

I love facebook because it is my:

1. News channel

This is embarrassing, but I get my news from facebook. Especially news from India, which I may not see on CNN/ BBC.

2. Photo album

I lose all the photographs that I do not post on FB, so this is my online album. (I edit privacy for posts so that sometimes only my immediate family, or rarely, I alone, can see the pics…

3. Fashion magazine

I watch other people’s pics and learn about the latest fashions, and how they look on real people…better than checking out fashion magazines with 6 ft tall size 0 models!fb

4. Travel channel

I spend hours watching other people’s travel pics, and checking out posts about their experiences. Thanks to facebook, I can recognize pictures from Singapore (all my Indian friends have been there, some call it home), Ladakh (India), Paris, Greece, Peru, and many other places I have never been to..

5. Notice board

I get reminders about deadlines for applications, exam results, weather predictions and so on, on FB.

6. Classroom for study of human behavior

You get a lot of insight in to people by reading their posts regularly. Some people use FB to fuel their narcissism, some use it for complaints and rants, some indulge in PDA, some need to display their love for their kids/pets/cars, some are lavish in their praises, liking every post; while others are perpetually critical…I find almost all facets of human behavior reflected in my FB friendships.

7. Free consultation portal

Well I mean my friends and relatives often ask for my professional opinion over FB. (That is usually the starting point, rest of the consultation is completed by e-mail or phone interaction.)

8. Repository of jokesmade in India

Seriously, the funniest jokes are now on FB. And you know how funny they are judging by the number of likes and comments..

9. Inspiration for self-improvement

No, I am not joking. Guys, since I have to put up my pictures on FB, I need to look presentable! Which means I am more careful about my outfits, my hair, and even my expression, since I never know when a photo of mine may end up being tagged by someone else…fall1

On the same note, FB has encouraged me to improve my photography skills. After all, I don’t want my photos from Hawaii to look less gorgeous than those of my friends!

10. Maintaining family ties

Repeat after me: A family that facebooks together stays together!

Important when you have family scattered on more than 2 continents…who has the time to call cousins up? You just keep track of each other’s weddings, childbirths, professional milestones etc. on FB, like each other’s posts vigorously, and share  information (and gossip) with older relatives who are not facebook-savvy.

That’s all, now don’t get me talking about requests for candy crush, even as FB is trying to relive my moments from last year!

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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