Confessions of a Procrastinator

No points for guessing that I am a procrastinator…

I am writing this blog post right now as a way of procrastinating…

So I need to finish a task that is not really pleasant. This is the mental dialogue I have..

Let me get this out of the will take half an hour at the most.

Wait, I’m kind of hungry. Hunger makes me impatient. I’ll not be able to concentrate…let me have dinner first. I’ll do it after dinner when everything is quiet.

Post-dinner: Ok, now I am ready to sit down and finish it..

Wait, let me select my outfit for work tomorrow, otherwise I’ll be late again.

Let me just check facebook once…my cousin must have posted pictures from her fabulous sounding trip by now, am curious to check them out..

(There is much more to see on facebook. People are posting new year wishes today..)

Half an hour later: Gosh, I did not check my blog today. My blog is new, I need to respond to comments promptly..

Ten minutes later: Forgot to take my vitamin supplements, let me get them before I forget..

Five minutes later: Need to check my work e-mail, there may be something important there.

Five minutes later: Ok, I am starting earnestly now..this should be short, I need to type only a page………….

(Check my e-mail in between, there is a 70% off sale at my favorite online store….items run out fast, so I should check it out right now.)

Half an hour later: First 2 lines written. Cannot go further because:

a) It’s going to take about 2 hours.

b) It’s close to midnight, I need to sleep if I want to be functional tomorrow morning.

c) The assignment is not due until 2 weeks from now. I always start too early…I have plenty of time…

(Just so you know, I do start as early as possible, and finish with a reasonable margin before the deadline..)

I need to change this habit of procrastination, that will be my new year resolution!

Saint Kabir (an Indian sage and poet from the 17th century) once said:

What you can do tomorrow, do today;

What you can do today, do right now.

The world can transform completely in a second,

There may be no time to repent. 

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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