Five Lessons learnt in 2014


Glass sculpture of the Buddha- at the Museum of Art and Design, New York City

I guess I should have compiled this list in 2014, and not on the first day of 2015, but better late than never!

Let me first talk about my specific teachers for this year:

1. My patients

I have been a physician in various stages of training for exactly half my life at this point. For the last 6 months, I have been working with some of the sickest patients, those whose hearts have given up on them. Most of my patients need either an artificial heart pump or a change of their heart, i.e. heart transplant. Some do not get to either. These patients have given me a new perspective on life.

2. My son

“Child is the father of man”. There is so much one can learn from a child!

Coming back to the lessons themselves…

1. A positive attitude in the face of adversity can work wonders.

Often heard, never fully believed it until recently. This lesson in living is a tribute to my bravest patients.

2. Being happy has nothing to do with material possessions. 

Learnt from my child, who is happy as long as we spend time with him.

3. Your health is an extension of your personality and your overall approach to life. 

Well, maybe illness is not, but how your illness affects your life has everything to do with who you are. No medical technology can help a person who does not want to help himself…

4. Speech may be silver and silence golden, but recognizing their place at a given moment is priceless.

Learnt this one as part of growing up in the workplace..

5. It is good to share your problems. Bringing in a fresh perspective can sometimes be the simplest solution. 

With respect to this one, there is a thin line between “sharing” a problem and “whining” about it; the former can help, the latter never does..

What were some of the most important lessons that you learnt last year? Would love to hear your comments!

Happy new year again!

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