If life were a Bollywood movie…

Indians will know what I am talking about right away, but as for others, I am talking about the Indian film industry which churns out  a large number of movies every year. While the content and presentation of movies in Bollywood has changed in keeping with the changing times, some stereotypes are so quintessentially Bollywoodian (is that even a legitimate word?) that we cannot imagine a (commercial) film without them.

What if life were as dramatic as a Bollywood movie?

  • We would break into a song-and-dance sequence whenever we were happy, excited or in love. And people would join us on the streets, perfectly in sync with the melody, picking up the dance moves instantaneously. Traffic would stop, and the rest of the world would have not a care in the world as they would either join us or watch us. If everyone could sing and dance so well on an impromptu basis, all music and dance schools would close!london dreams
  • We would turn into first class poets in times of sadness or heartbreak, and again be capable of crooning in perfect melody despite our sobs….
  • We would be able to drive like crazy without having an accident and reach the airport / train station in record time just as our beloved was about to board a flight/ train. In case of the latter, the train would already start moving and we would be able to run and keep pace with it.ddlj
  • Every family would have a special song that would help unite various members if they got separated in a fair…
  • We would be cavorting in the rain without getting muddy or catching a cold…rain bollywood
  • All of us of the fairer sex would be able to walk around in snow-clad mountains in flimsy chiffons, even as the men pile on their warm jackets.snow caree
  • Telepathy would be an everyday occurrence, and all moms of the world would know when their children were in trouble..

The list is practically endless, and these are just a few of the quirks seen in Bollywood movies. In any case, I love these stereotypes and this predictability of Bollywood movies- all they offer is pure, guilt-free entertainment!

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A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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