Always.. Indian

On the occasion of Indian Independence Day An expatriate like me should have nothing to say Yet the umbilical cord binding me to the land of my birth Is hard to cut off- I can state that whatever I am worth Today is because I was raised an Indian My sense of identity remains but […]

The Heart of an Immigrant Writer

“The immigrant’s heart marches to the beat of two quite different drums, one from the old homeland and the other from the new. The immigrant has to bridge these two worlds, living comfortably in the new and bringing the best of his or her ancient identity and heritage to bear on life in an adopted […]

Fragrant memories

I read in medical school that olfaction   Is associated with memory and emotion More so than the other senses four- I have understood this fact more and more Having left my home and moved away Olfactory memories have been there to stay-   Each time I prepare spiced chai in my kitchen My nose-brain connection creates […]

Tribute to Indian Classical Dancers

“Indian classical dance is a term for various performance arts rooted in religious Hindu musical theater styles,whose theory and practice can be traced to the Sanskrit text Natya Shastra. The number of recognized classical dances range from eight to more, depending on the source and scholar. These dances have been regional, all of them include music and recitation in local language […]

Spiced up

All the perfumes of Arabia Will never even come close To the fragrance of Indian spices Packed in a pinch-like dose.. Memories are wrapped in spices Each spice has a unique association Emotions each spice evokes in me Causing from my present a dissociation, Transporting me to a mystical land Where food is an expression of culture Preparation […]

If life were a Bollywood movie…

Indians will know what I am talking about right away, but as for others, I am talking about the Indian film industry which churns out  a large number of movies every year. While the content and presentation of movies in Bollywood has changed in keeping with the changing times, some stereotypes are so quintessentially Bollywoodian […]