Dressed like a diva, I roar like a lion

DSC05357I will confess that I love adornment

With make-up, jewelry, such shenanigans

That does not mean you can pass judgment

On me, or equate me with mute mannequins-

I am professional to my very core

I’ll come early to work dressed to the nines

Much as the “girly” objects I adore

I take pride in this profession of mine

My lipstick-smeared lips are perfectly capable

Of spewing arguments considered intellectual

My dossier is of thickness considerable

It will render the smirk on your face ineffectual

You shall see me raise a perfectly arched eyebrow

When your performance falls short of  expectation

These kohl-smeared, mascara’ed eyes will never allow

Any unprofessional conduct to escape observation

My sparkling diamonds attest to the fact that I can

Pamper myself with luxuries I can afford

In a male-dominated arena, I don’t have to be a man

Dressed like a diva, like a lioness I’ve roared!

Photograph: From “The Art of the Brick”- lego art exhibition at Franklin Institute, Philadelphia

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