Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam- A Eulogy

This one is only for my Indian friends who are mourning the loss of an extraordinary human being and the former President of India. quote-happiness-satisfaction-and-success-in-life-depend-on-making-the-right-choices-the-winning-abdul-kalam-242448

A man of infinite capability

Scientist extraordinaire

His aspirational ability

Inspiring us everywhere

His dream in conception singular

Of raising India to heights unknown,

And making her the “knowledge superpower”,

An action path he had shown..

Hermit-like living in the personal domain

And lofty ambitions for the nation

He will in our collective conscience remain

For being the brightest inspiration.

From humble beginnings he rose

To occupy the highest position

Despite his power, he still chose

His country over personal ambition.

Ignited the spirits and minds

Of countless directionless youth

He was truly one of his kind

That is the immutable truth..

He spent his life serving the nation

His death was not an exception

He was in the midst of an oration

When death snatched him by deception..

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