Think I am dreary

Perhaps you should think again

My shades will leave you weary

Though I’m modest and plain

I am the color of a mountain

Storm clouds that bear rain

I’m the color of a pachyderm

The color of rocks firm

I am a sculptor’s delight

I’m neither black nor white

When molded into a statue

My worth shines through

Here are my versions few

For your eyes to view-


Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

fountain paint pots (2)
Mud-filled geysers (Fountain paint-pots) at Yellowstone National Park

DSC05108Grey skies and misty Niagara Falls

DSC04992Grey sunset in San Diego, CA

DSCN0143The Grey Statue, Meghalaya, India

lake jennyGrey mountains and Lake Jenny-Grand Teton National Park

akshardhamSilver grey ceiling of the Akshardham Temple, NJ

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