Wedding album


Excited, full of nervous anticipation

When I circled around the sacred fire

With you, following our ancient tradition

My eyes brimming with hope and desire

Having avowed to seven, not just one

Lives to be spent bound by matrimony

Each moment to be lived together in unison

Serious commitment was cloaked in ceremony

And so we began, with dreams in our eyes

Drowned in the freshness of being with each other

Drunk in love’s wine, each of us did surmise

That this would be how we would journey together..


Little had we anticipated the vicissitude

That crept into our relationship stealthily

With time, slowly morphed our attitude

From love to contempt imperceptibly.


The reasons were never quite clear

How irritation turned into frank resentment

We got ensconced in separate spheres

We never had any presentiment..


And so we lived from day to day

Together, but going our separate way

Even though the path was dark

Patiently I waited for the spark

That hope would one day ignite

Turned out on this count I was right-

One day as the attic we cleared

We stumbled upon a dust-smeared

Forgotten photo-album of our wedding

We could not help drop everything

And stare at the images, be reminded

Of love and hope that had us blinded

All the vows that we had exchanged

Came back, in a new light explained

Love that had wilted got a fresh lease

Passion we unlocked with a new set of keys…


The album now occupies a venerable place

As it was what brought us face to face

With the reality of our married life

And magically resolved a painful strife.

P.S. The image above represents a wedding “mandap”.

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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