The prejudiced

ideal womanThey had, on everything an opinion, 

A book of standards against which to measure

No deviation from rules could they envision

This strict adherence was something they did treasure

From the way one should look and dress

Down to the shade of skin that was acceptable

Only the right mannerisms could impress

Them, after all they were so respectable..

Needless to say, accepting an outsider

Was not something they could easily do

The newcomer first had to pass muster

With them, and their impeccable standards too.


Now a daughter-in-law for such a household

Has to be a daydream from heavens sent

She should be strong and malleable (God bless her soul!)

With infinite capacity to be molded and bent..


So they searched everywhere, high and low

“Too fair”, “too dark”, “too garrulous”, “too shy”

“Too smart”, “too gauche”, “too highbrow”

They had their notions, don’t think they didn’t try..


One fine day, then, the young-blooded man

Fell prey to Cupid’s mischievous dart

Then, forgetting the “rules” of the clan

He married a woman quite different but smart.


Of course she was opposite in every way

Defied every norm they had perpetuated

Mocked at their prejudices every single day

While she pretended that she was motivated

To mold herself in the image they desired

But gradually she made them change their minds

So skilfully she did it that they just got tired

Of trying to remember their prejudices blind


So they accepted her in their hearts and their lives

And proudly announced what a gem they had found

Who fit like a glove in their home just like other wives

Their pride swelled up more, they threw more weight around.


When you ask her how she accomplished this feat

With a sly smile, she will be happy to explain

That prejudices are opinions without any feet

Turning them around involves not much pain

You need no evidence to prove your case

Just a skilful rearrangement of words in a way

That they are convinced their rules are in place

Let them believe that they still hold sway!

P.S. This would be the image of the “Bhartiya Nari” they have in mind…

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

2 thoughts on “The prejudiced

    1. Well, in-laws like to have the upper hand, especially in India where they are supposed to select the daughter-in-law in arranged marriage. Therefore if she is good, the credit goes to no one but them:)

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