Spiced up

spices indianAll the perfumes of Arabia

Will never even come close

To the fragrance of Indian spices

Packed in a pinch-like dose..

Memories are wrapped in spices

Each spice has a unique association

Emotions each spice evokes in me

Causing from my present a dissociation,

Transporting me to a mystical land

Where food is an expression of culture

Preparation of food an art in itself

And love is expressed as flavor..

The pungence of asafoetida feels like

The stabbing pain of a missed chance

The flirty sweetness of cinnamon reminds me

Of the blush of a budding romance

Red hot chili brings aggression to mind

Pepper is reminiscent of burning anger

Cardamom spells the warmth of love

Calmness is portrayed by coriander.

Mint reminds me of a cool breeze

Cumin, the comfort of something familiar

Fenugreek, the bitterness of conflict

Juicy gossip is like dried mango powder.

Saffron depicts royalty and splendor

Sesame seeds are foreign, exotic

By now I wonder if everyone thinks

This description of spices is Quixotic…

Believe it or not, our sense of olfaction

Tends to form associations strong

These are the ones my brain has formed

While for the fragrance of spices I long!

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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