A Modern Indian

I always feel that India is the unique country where the past, present and future merge together- Indians  follow traditions thousands of years old, live surrounded by modern means of communication like anyone else in today’s world, and in cities like Bangalore, develop ideas for the future. Here’s a poem dedicated to the modern Indian-



Following a custom ancient as the hills

Steeped in five thousand years of tradition

I touch my elders’ feet, and my heart fills

With the warmth of their love and benediction,

Thus I begin another promising day

Where I spend time in weighty negotiations

With colleagues sitting across the world half-way

Using  latest technological innovations

I am part of the India that’s rising and shining

Contributing to its rapidly growing economy

I am a global Indian admiring the silver lining

I cheer for my country’s budding hegemony

When my job is done, I go home to celebrate

A festival that is part of my heritage

In collusion with family and friends I satiate

A desire to preserve my culture in this cyber age.

The day is not over, I have organized

A late dinner for an international delegation

It’s time to express Western ideas I’ve imbibed

And present my business plans without trepidation. 

Back home at bedtime, I read aloud to my child

Fascinating ancient Indian poems and tales

I let our collective imagination run wild

In arousing interest, these stories never fail..

This is my life, and I think I inhabit

Three different worlds, each in a time warp

My spiritual side would in the past fit

My pragmatic side is rooted in the present, sharp

While the dreamer in me resides in the future-

I can say with confidence and pride

This is something only India can nurture

Where the past, present and future lie side by side. 

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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