The best laid plans

DSC05202He was a planner, what he wanted he knew

He would never venture into something new

Without planning for every predictable consequence

Every outcome was preceded by events in a sequence

That could be logically predicted, he would say

He could not tell you when he last had an unplanned day

Be it work, play, travel- his planning was impeccable

His family and friends considered him The Dependable

He had charted his life’s course and was cruising

Along the path carved out, every step of his choosing.


You might think he was perfection personified

But there was something below the surface, unidentified

Underlying the meticulous planner lay a man

Afraid to death of derailment of his plans

His life had to be concrete, something he could touch

Anything abstract or intangible frightened him much

Underneath the confident front he presented

He was insecure, and this made him discontented


But life has a habit of coming in the way

Of the best laid plans, any moment, any day

One moment can change one’s life forever

Shake a person such that he might not recover

A bomb dropped on his head one day

Diagnosis of cancer that took his breath away

All his plans fell down like a pack of cards

His heart and mind were pierced by a million shards

Not knowing whether he had time, if so, how much

The vanishing strands of control he tried to clutch

Treatment was possible, but no one could say

Whether it would work, they told him to pray

The fear of uncertainty he now faced, and realized

He had to conquer it, he could not stay paralyzed.


Learning to take one day at a time, he could eventually

Go through the daunting  prospect of chemotherapy

Not knowing where his journey would end

Every day was his last, he had to pretend

Admitting that planning was futile, he learnt to live

In the moment, love he learnt to give


His stars were aligned, and he achieved remission

On the cancer treatment, God had heard his petition


Once he had faced the fear of his plans going awry

He realized excessive planning was worthless, he was sorry

That he had underestimated the power of Nature

Which could instantaneously make a mockery of his future

He learnt to live in the present, without fear

This is how he continued to live year after year. 





Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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