Memory, the trickster

Memories are the architecture of our identity- Unknown

DSC06203Memories seared on the inside of my brain

Recalled like a dormant pain, time and again

Layered with the dust of distorted perception

They play tricks on my mind, in clever deception

Make me reminisce over past experiences

In a new light, rekindle my quiescent senses

Embellished enough to construct stories new

My memories acquire a much brighter hue

Making me pine for days that have passed

If only those halcyon days could last!


Thus the dusty train ride that had been

Interminably long, now does not seem

Anything but a thrilling adventure

On a similar trip I do long to venture

Or cycling to school I fondly remember-

It must be fun, every month through December

It is what I think, though reality differed

Cycling daily to school was never what I preferred.

And all the people surrounding me those days

Are like angels in my memories who went different ways

I could not have liked each one, I am certain

This angelic aura given by my memories is inadvertent..


I gave these instances to exemplify

How memory, the trickster, can amplify

All positives, while negatives are suppressed

This manipulation though is the best

To keep the burdens of the past at bay

And keep the path of future clear, I pray.









Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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