3 paintCaught in the circle of life inexorably

Living a mechanical life, almost deplorably

With work, food and sleep alone on my mind

No scintilla of creativity I could find

Within myself, that well had already dried

Could not be channeled even if I tried..


Strolling aimlessly in the department store,

Trying to buy something interesting, something more

Than the objects on my list, myself I found

In the aisle for art supplies; all around

Me were brushes and paints, crayons and markers

What caught my attention were watercolors-

Twelve inexpensive cakes in basic hues

I grabbed them on impulse, didn’t have much to lose..

Also bought some brushes, the most basic set

Uncertain if any use they were going to get..


These art supplies somehow catalysts became

My dormant creativity was no longer the same

Boldly I dipped my brush and began to paint

Lacking confidence, my initial brushstrokes were faint

As I gathered courage, my strokes bolder became

Brighter hues emerged, more complex textures came

The thrill of creative effort spurred me on

The fear of a creative drought was all gone..


There were no masterpieces that I created

But at the end of each painting I felt elated

They were amateurish efforts, that was quite clear

It was not the result, but the process that I held dear

Immersing yourself in a creative endeavor can give rise

To unbridled happiness, this came to me as a surprise!





Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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