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“So you’re going to travel, good for you

That country is beautiful but dangerous too

As a foreign tourist you are fair game

For being robbed, I know it’s a shame..”

Of course you are scared and carry with you

Clothes with hidden pockets, fake-bottomed bags too

The fear of pickpockets threatening to spoil

Your enjoyment of  sights on foreign soil..


Being a new parent is hard, that has been true

Through centuries, but adding to that stress too

Are decisions regarding things for your bundle of joy

Safety is paramount-for a crib, car-seat, or a plastic toy

While every object available is subject to recall

Because a  sophisticated safety feature they forgot to install

It’s so complicated and scary you’d think it was a miracle

That babies of older generations grew up without trouble..


“You feel tired and have no energy, you must be

Consuming plenty of  meat, gluten and dairy

These ubiquitous food items can harm your system

Go gluten-free, eat quinoa, maybe go vegan”

All these expensive food items you buy

Your energy level does not change, you wonder why

For millennia, human beings all over who consumed

Wheat, meat and dairy prospered, instead of being doomed…


What I just described are instances I see

Of irrational fear that haunts us constantly

When on earth did we become so paranoid

That anything remotely risky we began to avoid

What happened to the sense of adventure innate

Where did the thrill of the unexpected dissipate?

An ever-expanding safety net we want to create

So that ourselves from all dangers we can insulate

More enemies emerge as we strengthen our defence

Do you know what I think is the eventual consequence?

No enemy can come closer to you in a million years

Than the one that resides between your own two ears!




Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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