Soap opera

I know soap operas are no longer popular in the US, but they are an integral part of the culture in India (words from Wikipedia). Here’s my brief take on soap operas:

indian-dramas-industry(Image link:

When you want a taste of the melodramatic

When you want a break from everything pragmatic

Switch on the idiot box and channel surf till you find

A soap opera that you watch without using your mind

Watch a few episodes and you are hooked for the season

Watching plots and subplots unfold for no rhyme or reason

Drama being played out on sets that change do not see

Trying to replicate reality, but as artificial as can be

Filled with characters whose full-time jobs seem to be

Plotting revenge against someone or the other tirelessly


The country of origin or language do not make a difference

The themes and stories seem to share the same essence

A form of entertainment where women dominate-

With characters to whom female viewers can relate


So worldwide men and women with lives quite mundane 

Sit glued to their TV sets, watching their favorite characters again..







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