Something new every day..

DSC07129On a steamy afternoon in the summer

Steeped in soporific languor

Sprawled on the bed, bored out of my mind

Searching for some inspiration, I did find

For healthy living, a unique recommendation-

For the body and the mind’s stimulation

Try something new everyday; move out

Of your comfort zone, and take a new route.

This idea, so elegant in its simplicity

Spurred me on to test its authenticity


Taking this idea for a spin the very first day

I decided to tackle fear that came in my way

So ignoring the mental block that popped its head

Telling me I could not bake, I baked cookies instead

The next day I decided to paint on a whim

The experience left me filled with joy to the brim

Then I tried my hand at writing a poem, you know

Leading to this blog, which has continued to grow-

Many such instances I can recount today

I feel much more accomplished, I have to say..


That summer afternoon that was supposed to be

The laziest part of the day, became suddenly

The catalyst for change in a positive way

I strive to do something new every day

I am now more adventurous and open-minded

Every day, of this mantra I am reminded.







Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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