“The worst distance between two people is misunderstanding.”- Anonymous


They were co-workers in the same place

Spending ten hours, sharing the same space

With similar goals in mind, they did share

A camaraderie that at work is probably rare

They worked hard, each other they supported

Towards a common goal both were motivated

Now there were some people, who, like always

Could not help feeling jealous in some ways

Of their friendship, they felt ignored

Anecdotes of these two would leave them bored


One such individual, one fine day

Trying to generate excitement in some way

Let loose a piece of gossip quite benign

About one friend to the other, drawing a line

Between the two friends, creating  distance

Their friendship would not be the same hence

The seed of doubt germinated once it was sown


Out of proportion the gossip was blown

In the mind of the one who had heard

This piece of gossip, believing every word

Never did the listener stop to verify

From the friend whether this was a lie


There occurred a quiet transformation

In his demeanor, to his friend’s consternation

But again his friend did not stop to clarify 

The reason behind this behavior, though he wondered why

Thus this misunderstanding pulled them apart

Interactions grew awkward, although at heart

Both longed for each other’s company still

There remained a void others could not fill


Months later, when it  was already accepted

That they avoided each other, in a manner unexpected

They found they were alone with each other

Unable to escape, at first neither did bother

To initiate a conversation, but then out of politeness

One struck a conversation, hovering on topics harmless

Almost imperceptibly the conversation took turn

To the gossip that had been the bone of contention

And thus came the chance to clear the dark cloud

Of misunderstanding between them, to get rid of doubt

It was something quite minor, actually ludicrous

Not even worthy of creating that much fuss

The air now clear, the distance between the two

Disappeared, they were back to being friends true!





Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

7 thoughts on “Misunderstanding

  1. Hi Shuchita this Laxmi Verma of St Fidelis College ( X- B)
    hope you still remember me
    Pl call/ watsapp/ sms at 9453015891.


    1. Even I tried to search you on FB, my my bad luck. there is so much to update you on … drop me a mail at laxmivermabsnl@gmail.com so that we can communicate.
      With the efforts of Vijyant Rajvanshi many of the people of our section are on Watsapp. you can also join if time permits .


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