Waiting at the doctor’s office


Sitting in the waiting room, impatiently I
Watch the medical staff go milling by
The tables are turned, the other side I am on
Vulnerable I feel; like my patients, I reckon
Fidgeting in my seat, anxious to be seen
Upset about the wait, thinking I could have been
Far more productive if away from this place
Certain that annoyance is written on my face..
I look around, see others quite contented
Awaiting their turn, not one has commented
On the torture of waiting, I marvel at their patience
Simultaneously trying to find reasons for my impatience
I try to read magazines, but words have no meaning
I am scared, towards the divine I am leaning..


Being a patient when you are a physician
Is like a punishment sent from the heaven
Because the burden of knowledge is detrimental
To reasonable acceptance of illness- more sentimental
Am I when the doctor gives me my diagnosis
I envision the worst in terms of  my prognosis
Fearful scenarios play repeatedly in my mind
I cannot wait to hear what the doctor might find


All this while my blood pressure is shooting up high
My vital signs will be abnormal; and I know why
I take a deep breath; try to invoke some zen 
I calm down for maybe, ten seconds..
Finally I hear my name called out
My relief is visible to others, no doubt
This is the first step, there is more waiting to endure
I have conquered the first step at least, I am sure
I realize my patients are subjected to this wait every day
They rarely complain, almost never say
How they have lost time and productivity
Once again I am humbled by this reality!

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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