Run, run, run…

DSC06297Run, my dear, run!!
I know the day has just begun
But it will be over before you know
You might not have anything to show
For all those hours, think of the guilt
Gnawing at you as you duck under the quilt
That there is so much more left to do
Being productive is really important for you
So that you do not lag behind your peers
You cannot deny that competition is fierce..

This was my inner voice urging me on
To race constantly, go on and on
No achievement was enough, ever
Slowing down was not an option, never
Could I back out from any opportunity
That promised one-upmanship in the community

The constant running was wearing me down
My face was contorted in a permanent frown
Run, run, run- echoed through my mind
Though I was running through an alley blind
Was my raison de’tre this endless race?
This was a question that I had to face
What was I running from, and to what end?
I was being industrious, yes I could pretend
Whatever I needed I had already acquired
Other material objects I now hardly desired
All I wanted was a pace of life much slower
I needed to set the bar of expectations lower

So I tried to ignore the voice in my head
And concentrate on savoring moments instead
A new perspective on life I obtained
I am now more relaxed, that much I can claim!

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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