Vacation planning

“God grant me a vacation to make bearable what I cannot change.” (sourced from pinterest)

Exhausted, worn-out in the oppressive heat

I long to leave my workplace and retreat

To some new place, perhaps by the sea

Or in the midst of mountainous scenery

In the lap of nature, away from the crowd

Replacing sirens with seagulls crying loud

I dream of digging my toes in the sand

Or hiking the peaks of a rugged land

I close my eyes and give myself permission

To dream about an idyllic destination..


So it is time to plan a vacation

I brace myself for some altercation

Within my family, for easy it is not

To be in agreement over a vacation spot

After an emotionally charged discussion

And some tears, we arrive at a decision

Regarding the destination, next to appear

Are travel arrangements, and  I fear

The prices of flights and accommodation

Upwardly mobile-forever exceeding my estimation

Choices are few- either we can relax the budget

Or choose the cheapest option, and forgo comfort

Depending on our moods that day, we might decide

Either way, and later regret the miserable plane ride

Now comes the part where opinions vary

The most between us, our interests contrary

To each other, so finding common ground

To plan an itinerary takes patience profound

Sightseeing is expensive but how can I miss


Touring the exact spot where in perfect bliss

Ms. (co-worker) appeared in her facebook profile

I want a selfie there with a dreamy smile..

Of course such desires I do not share

With my husband, trying to convince him I care

About the significance of the place, therefore

We should spend time and money to explore

This place, but he has ideas of his own to include

Finally after days, and multiple swings of mood

The itinerary is complete, as time draws near

It is the daunting task of packing I fear

This is my job alone, one I cannot avoid

Of leaving things essential I am always paranoid

Somehow everything is completed, vacation commences

I am so exhausted I fear I might lose my senses


Gradually the world of work recedes from view

And I finally start recharging my batteries too!




Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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