So my inner voice has been talking to me quite a bit-here’s another dialogue that we had when I felt (unreasonably) tied down to daily life…


To this tyrannical life I am chained,

I lamented one day in a voice pained-

Caught in the endless web of life’s daily woes

Between home and work, I find myself in throes

Of an insipid life where freedom there is none

To laze around, travel, or in a meadow run

Like clockwork my life works on a schedule

Within constraints, following too many rules

I live in a free country, laws cannot stop me

From doing what I want, then why can’t I break free?

Take a vacation spontaneous, go out on a limb

Leave the chaos of daily life on a whim..

But myriad little details come in my way

Responsibilities I need to fulfil each day

I think this is unfair, life keeps me chained-

Frustrated, this is how I complained and complained..


When I was done wallowing in self-pity

My inner voice decided to challenge me- 

Do you know your extent of freedom

Might almost appear vulgar to some?

You are fortunate to inhabit the land of the free

Your education and career give you discretionary

Income and power to choose quite freely-

You want the freedom to break free, really?

If you broke free from the life that you lead

How do you propose your desires you’d feed?

For absolute freedom is a concept absurd,

Chained to the sky is every “free” bird

There is a fine line between escape and freedom-

You probably feel the urge to escape the humdrum

Of daily life once in a while-do not confuse

It with lack of freedom, you have the freedom to choose

How you want to live life each day  recognizing

That sometimes events in your life might be agonizing

You still have the ability to live with gratitude

You have the freedom to choose your attitude..




















Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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