A fallible mother

DSC_0143 (3).JPGAs a parent a constant conundrum I face

Of finding the middle ground, that perfect place

Where on my child, I do not put extra pressure

Yet disciplined learning I somehow ensure

There’s so much to learn, so much to imbibe

For a five year old, sometimes it’s hard to describe

Things in a way suited for his comprehension

Yet there are times when his grasp of things

Truly amazes me, and with it maternal optimism brings

That my child would turn out to be “gifted” after all

In a trap of grandiose plans I then fall

Until my child falters at a milestone he was supposed

To have achieved at his age, the door is then closed

On my unfinished dreams, disappointment appears

Bringing out, as a parent, my worst fears

I worry that my son is going to lag behind 

His peers, the question pervades my mind

And against my better judgment I coax him some more

To improve upon what he did before..

If he does it well, I shower him with praise

A bit too lavish, but if he fails to change his ways

I worry if I have hurt his self-esteem

Or scared him off completely by being so extreme

Then I wonder if at each step I am overthinking

My validation as a parent to his performance I’m linking..


Like every parent, all I want to give my son

Is a well-rounded childhood so he can become

Of this society, a well-adjusted member

A happy and successful individual who can remember

To uphold all the values that I hold dear-

That might not happen, is my constant fear


Then I see my son playing, quite oblivious

Of all the real and imaginary fears that make me nervous

And I smile to myself, knowing he would eventually 

Turn out all right, as long as I can his best supporter be!

















Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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