Parent-teacher conference

dsc_0193So I am  expected to attend

As a kindergartner’s parent

A parent-teacher conference next week

I panic, wishing some counsel I could seek

From parents who have been there before

I don’t know what the meeting has in store

For me, all my insecurities come to the surface

What is in the classroom my child’s place?

Does he listen, learn, behave, or is he

Inattentive, disruptive, loud and noisy?

I know I try to teach him the right thing

But has he picked up some of my habits embarrassing?

I knows he can read a book with me

But whether he reads in class is a matter of uncertainty

Deep down in my heart I am afraid of being perceived

As an incompetent mother, I probably need

Some words of encouragement before I proceed

Into this anxiety-provoking situation indeed…


So the D-day arrives, I am anxious as expected

I fake a smile, so that my feelings are not projected

When the report is finally revealed to me

My tension eases, my child is viewed quite positively

In most areas of learning, weaknesses are few

None of this is actually information new

I rejoice, feeling quite elated

As a mother, I  feel strangely validated

As first-time parents, we improvise as we go

Afraid of being wrong, so it helps to know

From others that our children are doing all alright,

Their prosperous future is our only goal in sight!























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