Girls of a feather

girls of a feather

You grow up, find the right man, get married

You grow a family, soon you are a mother harried

Your life revolves around work and family

When one fine day, quite suddenly

There comes a message out of the blue

From your old girlfriend, reminding you

Of priceless moments spent in the company

Of each other, there and then you get an epiphany-



In your near-perfect life, that is the void

Your familial obligations have left you devoid

Of the magic that being with girlfriends can create

The high-pitched laughter, the giddy state-

While the town is painted red by you

You long for it, and wonder if it can come true…


One thing leads to another and you find

Your old friends tucked in corners of your mind

Have all come together, you plan an all-girls’ getaway

From your monotonous lives, the very next day

You catch up on gossip, giggle aimlessly

Shop till you drop, then collapse listlessly

On the bed where you exchange some more

Stories (gossip), you do not get bored

When you had back home, you are rejuvenated

Being with girlfriends has some desires satiated-

For who else but your old friends would tolerate

You in your most unhinged, unrestrained state?


What you’ve been missing, you have now found

Life is less stressful with good friends around

They are your safety valves, your punching bags too

You need them in your life- that’s absolutely true!







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