Mothering pains

cat-1116_078_0I have a confession to make here

There is nothing nowadays that I fear

More than meeting other mothers on weekends

For children’s activities- I’d rather run mundane errands


For each time mothers meet, the topics of conversation

Revolve around the extent of their enthusiastic participation

In their children’s lives- soccer practice, dance recitals

Advanced math classes, playdates- these are the staples

Of life as a mother- to which I sadly do not conform

I know driving children everywhere is the norm, 

That I cannot keep up with because I need 

The weekend to recharge my batteries indeed

While spending some quality time with my son-

So we read together or do art projects for fun

I am perfectly happy doing this, and so is he

(I think), but then I get worried each time I see

Or hear other mothers talking about 

The tight schedules of their children; doubt

Starts clouding my mind- what if my son

Falls behind his peers- no, he has to run

The same race that everyone seems to

Be running, surely they have a better clue

As to how dabbling in ten different activities

Can secure a seat in an Ivy League with ease..


When I get carried away by these thoughts, I want to

Enrol him in every single activity available too

Then I stop myself so that I can  re-evaluate

My priorities for my child, consider what I have on my plate

It is true that I want my child to develop skills multi-faceted

But not the same skills as others- I want him to be unique instead

Maybe by being at home and doing projects with me

He is learning more by exercising his creativity

Then I calm down and decide not to be a part

Of mom discussions next time- that would be a good start!







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3 thoughts on “Mothering pains

  1. Hehehe … That was real good couldn’t agree more. Kindergarten days jab mein aksar school lene jati thi. Lekin mothers ki baatcheet sun kar main bah jati thi, ki main kuch bhi nahi kar pa rahi. Those homemaker used to discuss matters as if that was the one only important thing left in life.


  2. The day my son threw up in the car as we were driving from one activity to another, while trying to eat ‘dinner’ in the car was when I said, “Enough!” I had to distance myself from those other moms. They lived vicariously through their kids and I thought it had come to the point of ridiculous. My kids knew and agreed with me. They participated but not to the point of crazy. Great post. Don’ get caught up in that nonsense.


  3. I totally agree! There’s also a lot of comparison talk. I enjoy being a homebody and reading or doing activities that don’t involve a bunch of other moms trying to tell you “the way they do it”. Easy for people without an identity to get caught up in it.

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