Song du jour

436637-bollywood.jpgI have grown up listening to

Songs from Bollywood films, perhaps you

Are not acquainted with the range of emotions expressed

In a smorgasbord of melodies, here I do confess

That each time I feel any emotion intense

There is a song appropriate for that experience

Often as I feel the emotion, I tell you

In my head a song is playing repeatedly too..


From romantic love, longing and betrayal

To life’s lessons, patriotism and farewells

From maternal, paternal, sibling affection

To bonds of friendship and the heartache of rejection

From boisterous proclamations of superiority

To claiming reckless disregard of seniority

From the existential angst of life as a youngster

To the pangs of old age- you never have to wonder

If there is a song that describes your situation

You will find one without much aggravation


Now I sing (either loudly or in my head)

When I am happy, but when I am sad, instead

Of dwelling on my emotions, I start humming

A tune in my head, the lyrics start coming

To my mind soon after I indulge in this exercise

Quite often my mood is lifted, much to my surprise!


Bollywood numbers continue to be belted out

At a furious pace, day in and day out

Not every song can touch every soul

But each song has its niche, its role

In the fabric of Indian lives, I am sure

That’s why film lovers keep asking for more

Thus the age-old tradition of films interspersed

With songs does not end- we are well versed

In smooth stories being interrupted all at once

By characters breaking  abruptly into song and dance 

We have grown to love this distraction 

A film without songs gives us no satisfaction..


Of course as I pen this verse my mind is occupied

By more than one song-as I have described!















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A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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