Song du jour

I have grown up listening to Songs from Bollywood films, perhaps you Are not acquainted with the range of emotions expressed In a smorgasbord of melodies, here I do confess That each time I feel any emotion intense There is a song appropriate for that experience Often as I feel the emotion, I tell you […]

Weary traveler, come home

“It’s a funny thing coming home. Nothing changes. Everything looks the same, feels the same, even smells the same. You realize what’s changed is you.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald Excitement starts stirring in my chest In anticipation of what’s coming next Memories of the hallowed land dear From my brain’s recesses suddenly appear- Invading all […]

A tribute to Indian folk art

I traveled through India, often complaining About the lack of infrastructure, feigning A Westernized approach to the land, I should say (Not proud of myself as I write this today) Then there was something that left me Mesmerized and amazed, when I did see (Again like the typical Western traveler) Folk art in its unadorned splendor […]

The Magic of Folk Tales

“The Dreamer awakes The shadow goes by The tale I have told you, That tale is a lie. But listen to me, Bright maiden, proud youth The tale is a lie; What it tells is the truth.” ― Traditional folktale ending Reading mature novels with complex plots One after another, satisfied I was not Though […]

When Santa found no chimney

Chimneys are a staple of folklore Santa descends via one, does not knock on the door The big bad wolf decided to creep down The pigs’ chimney, in boiling water he did drown You would expect chimneys have always been around When references to chimneys in fables abound-  There were no chimneys a thousand years ago, in […]

The History of Literacy

” The written word endures, the spoken word disappears.” Neil Postman I cannot think of a scenario somehow- My imagination simply does not allow Absence of  unquestionable supremacy Of the written word, of basic literacy Yes, I know there are people illiterate I cannot but consider them unfortunate.. But it was interesting for me to find,  […]

Quest for the perfect gift

This is that anxiety-provoking time of the year When people shell out money and continue to fear Whether the cash they’ve doled out is well-spent On gifts they have selected for each recipient There is an element of uncertainty inherent  When you shop for that supposedly perfect present That appeals to the recipient and to […]

Tribute to Indian Classical Dancers

Exposed to various cultures I have been Myriad performing arts I have seen Yet when I think of unparalleled grace, The image that I conjure is the face Of a classical dancer from India immersed Into the very soul of her dance, well-versed In fluid movements and facial expressions Recounting tales from an ancient nation […]

Ode to a saree

(Image:Raja Ravi Verma’s painting- Shakuntala stops to look back) (source-wikipedia) Six yards of intricately woven design The epitome of Indian woman define A bewitching piece of fabric like no other A saree is more than an attire for cover- Woven into its unique aesthetic pattern Is a stupendous wealth of information The thread, the weave, the […]