The sedentary dreamer


Nothing in the world arouses the envy 

Of a competitive soul like me

Than seeing people running along the way

While I drive to and from work every day

I ogle at their calves, beautifully sinewed

And the feeling of discontent is renewed

Within me- at my apparent inability

To run- or exercise, despite lack of debility

Oh yes, I have tried many times in the past

But alas, my tenacity does not seem to last

This is unlike me in sedentary ventures

There each challenge I treat like a new adventure

And bring each project to completion

Yet my goals in exercise never reach fruition..

My conscience continues to nag at me

I know prolonged sitting is not heart-healthy

The grim prospect of future disease of the heart

Scares me enough at times to give a jumpstart

To my exercise routine, but in a few days

Sore joints and muscles send me back to my old ways

Reading a book curled up in bed is to me

Infinitely more pleasurable an activity

I daydream that one day I shall acquire

The toned look that in runners I admire….


Maybe after writing this verse I shall be 

Inspired tomorrow to hit the gym early!









Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

6 thoughts on “The sedentary dreamer

      1. I used to run very early in the morning. It was wonderful. Just me and birds conversations in the trees. But I got way too tired during the day. That was when I switched to yoga. I love it.


  1. Just think about going to gym for 5 minutes for a relaxing workout…you won’t come before 20 mins!
    Even exercising helps, even if it is just going out for morning/evening walks.


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