The Fortune Teller


Stuck in a rut, without a vocation

She scoured through horoscope sections for any insinuation

That her life would soon on an upward swing be

Bringing job prospects and money

She alternated between job searches and horoscopes on the net

Nothing was changing, she re-examined her skill set


With a flair for writing an ability uncanny

To concoct stories interesting, she started thinking of the many

Ways to exploit her talent, she tried to obtain

Writing assignments, but remuneration was not worth the pain

Feeling dejected, wallowing in self-pity one day

Staring at her horoscope that promised success coming her way

A light bulb suddenly went off in her mind

An idea worth exploring, maybe this was a sign

Her interest in horoscopes and her writer’s background

Seemed to have finally found a common ground

She decided to learn the basics of astrology

(Online courses were abundant, this was a good strategy)

Then proceeded to start a modest website

That churned out horoscopes against a background bright

With a pinch of science and tons of imagination

She made interesting and actionable predictions

Soon her readership grew (there were many lost souls like her)

She knew how to give hope to those who suffered..


Her popularity grew, advertisers chimed in on her website

Soon she started charging for her predictions, the price was just right

For miserable folks to spend their hard-earned money

On any semblance of hope, she literally charged in pennies


Soon she was busy from morning to night

Spreading hope all around, she simply knew the right

Words to comfort people, give them hope where existed none

Within a year an authority in astrology she had become

She was invited to give TED talks that became popular

She became a diva, a public figure


Interesting it was that her prediction

For her zodiac sign never came to fruition

She knew it was a figment of her imagination

Yet she yearned for something to give her craft a validation…

Then one day after having written a love horoscope for her zodiac sign

She ran into a young man and her stars aligned

A new romance blossomed, according to her prediction

Her writing was finally more than just fiction


She is happily married now, and continues to write

Horoscopes on her enormously popular website!

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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