This one is for all the women bosses out there!


I am at a superior position, I hope you realize

For that I do not have to apologize

I have spent more years, acquired more grey hair

In this profession compared to you, thus it is fair

That, despite my gender and stature petite

I call the shots, why do you aim to compete

With me, or argue with me at every step of the way

You would not dream of doing that any day

If your superior were a man, I guess

I am disheartened that you cannot process

The fact that your boss can a woman be

This is still a patriarchal society..

I have proved my mettle by working my way

To the top, yet I feel compelled every day

To prove my competence emphatically


Only to be labeled automatically

As bossy and difficult to work with-

While I keep trying to tackle the monolith

Of male dominance at positions highest

There are times when I feel the zest

For my profession diminishing, but then I remind

Myself to ignore your behavior of this kind

I know I am capable, I have set my eyes

On the glass ceiling- the ultimate prize

That I aspire towards; your criticism unfair

Cannot deprive me of my rightful share


Whether you like it or not, know it is true

In your career you will encounter women bosses too!















Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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