Snow day

snow day

Today was a day in January, not unexpected

When a cold front and low pressure intersected

Causing snowfall, goodness gracious, on a weekday..

And even though last night I had continued to pray

To the weather Gods, my worst fears were realized

A snow emergency was declared, and no surprise

All schools were closed, because of safety concerns

One day of missed school does not affect what children learn

So as working parents our woes multiplied

In addition to the morning commute being a difficult ride

Now we were faced with how to arrange childcare

At 6 am- wish I could conjure a baby-sitter in thin air…

Since that was not happening, alternatives were few

Our child would accompany a parent to work too

It took some frantic moments to decide

The best course of action, with some pride

I can say we found a better solution

This conflict saw an early resolution..

But I was left thinking, for the remainder of the day

How weather can play havoc in our lives in this way

Our carefully orchestrated plans fall apart

When the weather Gods throw their darts

There will be more snow days this year, I know

I pray for them to be on a weekend though!





Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

2 thoughts on “Snow day

  1. indeed weather can play havoc .. I like your creations because I can connect with them . As a write, today due to extreme cold schools are closed ..( will be open next day because of sweater distribution in govt schools … hehehe)

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    1. We have had schools closed for 2 straight days (snow day and the next day due to cold- kiddo was in hubby’s office both days). Then one day school closed early due to icy rain starting in the afternoon and opened late the next day because the roads were covered in ice and slippery. It has been awful trying to first of all drive in bad weather conditions and then scrambling to pick-up/ drop-off/ decide child care options.


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