My New Year’s Resolution Is..


It is the tenth of January and I 

Even before giving them a good try

Am falling short on my resolutions-

I am already asking for absolution

From the tyranny of this social norm

Whereby all my aspirations take the form

Of New Year’s resolutions, that I

Know are impossible for me under the sky

It seems like a rather smart thing to do

(I counsel my patients similarly too-

Telling them to quit smoking as a new year’s resolution)

A new beginning is supposed to bring new solutions

However since nothing has changed but the date

The new year makes no change to my fate

Two days of sweating out in the gym-

Then the brightness of a workout gets dim

Five days of reading an hour a day

By day six the craving for books has gone away

Writing, meditating, creating works of art

All these activities are dear to my heart

So resolutions centered around them I created

Thinking I could keep them, but I had underestimated

The power of rebellion when the mind finds itself chained

Caged within resolutions, the same activities cause pain..


Every year I get frustrated by my inability to keep

My resolutions- so I’ll forget about them and go to sleep!

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A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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