I am on the minimalist bandwagon…or am I?

online shop

I support minimalism, at least in theory

“Lessons from shopping bans” make a capital story

Yet when faced with 60% off sales, my resolve

To refrain from buying more stuff quickly dissolves

I am “saving” for a rainy day, I rationalize

About the joy of a new purchase I fantasize

Before long, virtual objects have appeared

Miraculously in my shopping cart, and as I had feared

The “Place Your Order” button is staring at me

Of my love for minimalism, making a mockery

By this time, often I have already resigned

Myself to temptation, it is too late to rewind

The button is pressed, the order is placed

Another blow to minimalism my life has faced..


In a world where it is easier every day

To acquire more stuff- it’s only one click away

Curbing temptation is the hardest thing to do-

The thrill of acquiring something new

Has the feel of an overarching panacea

Shopping online seems like a good idea

To overcome boredom, anxiety, situational depression

All ills can be remedied by a new possession…

Thus stuff accumulates, when it was not meant to

Sucking time and energy from you too..


Maybe writing this verse will actually inspire

Me to initiate a shopping ban, and less stuff acquire…






Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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