Adventure-seeker in quarantine

Thirsting for adventures is a natural state

All of us like new experiences on our plate

Time, effort and money we spend

Beyond our comfort zones ourselves we extend

To get that elusive thrill, that unparalleled elation

That sense of accomplishment, that victorious sensation

Also, since keeping up with the Joneses is a part

Of our social lives, such experiences make for a good start

Of conversation at gatherings of (frenemies)/ friends

Help us stand out while we try to blend…


All the experiences and adventures that were in the cards for the year

Were rudely interrupted by the spread of the virus; suddenly our spheres

Instead of expanding, shrank to a size unprecedented

Our ability to move about had never to this extent been prevented…

All the places we were supposed to go to, the “classes”we were supposed to take

Became figments of imagination, as lives and livelihoods came at stake…


I must admit, at the start of the year 2020

I had laid out my plans in detail, anticipating new experiences a-plenty

Like everyone else I was in for a rude shock

As access to every adventure was blocked

The adrenaline rush I had to come to rely on

Was nowhere to be found, the thrill of exploration was gone…


Like the rest of the world I’ve had to learn

To forego the freedom for which I yearn-

Confined to my house, I combed through

Neglected spaces and corners, that appeared new

Embarked on an adventure to redecorate-

Surprised myself at being able to rejuvenate

Spaces without buying knick-knacks new

Who would have thought this was an exciting thing to do?

Found previously unknown gems in my backyard

Camped under the stars-finding adventures suddenly did not seem hard

Adventurous were my escapades culinary

Experimenting with everything from cakes to curry..


Maybe this is part of a cosmic design

Maybe the universe is giving us a sign

That in our thirst for adventure, far we have strayed

From home-from the journey of life we’ve been waylaid

Home is for the soul a resting place

Home is our reflecting surface….


Staying home has grounded me

(Both literally and figuratively)

My restless soul that had adventures sought in places new

Is resting at home, with newly discovered equanimity too

Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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