Pandemic FOMO

This pandemic and lockdowns have created an urge

To explore creative endeavors, and led to a surge

Of people sharing on social media their creations

The latest fad is to share your newfound obsessions

A sudden plethora of videos and stills

Have my social media feeds filled

Bored as I am, now the fear of missing out

Has made its way back in, without doubt…


As I look at pictures of baked goods delectable

I wonder for the umpteenth time why I am unable

To even find time to cook three meals a day

Leave alone take beautiful pictures along the way

When I look at videos meant to take fitness to new heights

I wonder why I can only manage exercise in small bytes

When I see people displaying dance moves flawless

I get conscious of my two left feet, I confess

When I see stunning art by non-artists, I am amazed

At their creativity and patience, they deserve much praise…

I have not taken up a new hobby, or any new skills acquired

To do so appears to be a pandemic assignment required…


While for my distress the obvious solution

Would be to quarantine from social media in isolation

But since life these days is lived on platforms virtual

Avoiding social media does not appear practical

So the next best thing to lift myself up

Is to count all my blessings, surely they are enough…

In these uncertain times fraught with constant peril

My family and I are thriving, we are healthy still

The pace of my hectic life has slowed down, what I should not do

Is to accelerate it by adding something new

In keeping up with others sometimes we forget

To be kind to ourselves, to remember we are doing our best..



Published by iheart11

A 30-something year old woman, physician by profession, fiercely passionate about work, family, travel and fashion..

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